We want everyone who comes to Dundee Elim Church to grow in their relationship with God and the people who are part of the church.

Our Connect Group Ministry is the way to do this.  Connect Groups are a vital part of life at Dundee Elim Church. Becoming part of a Connect Group is a way of helping you grow in your faith and deepen relationships with other believers.

We currently have 3 connect groups that meet across the city.  

Please contact Steven or Andrew (or email the office) if you would like to join one of our connect groups. 



    Starting This Week                                                         .

The powers of this world are mighty and they   seek to control and manipulate your lives.  Yet through it all, God is still on the throne.  Powerful people make decisions and seem to be in charge, but at the end of the day, you will discover that God is sovereign over kings, kingdoms, and our lives.

Maybe God has placed you right where you are, and it’s for his purposes, for that greater plan that God wants us to be part of in building the Kingdom of God.

Following him and his ways might include taking some risks, doing some things that will require courage and steps of faith.   You may be looking for a quick and easy way out of your situation, or an easy journey in your walk with Jesus.  The truth is, we do face difficult situations in our lives, but know that God is with us and has equipped us to live our lives in devotion and obedience to Him.

Will you, seek God’s face!   Will you gather people around you to pray with you and clarify God’s will for your life and live in the confidence that you are pursuing God’s mission for your life and community.

Count the cost and follow God fearlessly holding onto the hand of God declaring like Esther, “If I perish, I perish, but I will serve God and accomplish his mission, even if it costs me everything”

Walk with Esther and learn about following the call of God even when it is dangerous and uncertain, and know that God is with you in the journey.


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